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Our Indian necklace sets are predominantly the main part of the asian jewellery world and complete the look.  The Asian necklace sets come complete with earrings and are intricately designed in a gold plating or rhodium plating and have various finishes ie: crystals, diamantes, faux pearls, beads and many more.

Necklace sets come in a number of designs namely:

Choker Style: this is where the necklace is worn tightly around the neck.

Pendant Style: this is a pendant on a thick style chain.

Collar Style: this is where the necklace sits comfortably at the base of the neck and also slightly below.  There are some extravagant style collar necklaces which will also sit on the chest area.

Rani Haar: this is a long style necklace with  a large pendant attached to the bottom and sits very nicely on the bust or just below.  This type of necklace is very royal and rich.