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The Indian wedding jewellery is one of the most important pieces of the jigsaw required to get the perfect look and feel for the very special day!!! It is crucial that the bride is comfortable with what she is wearing hence we are very confident that all our pieces are of the highest quality with this in mind.  The Asian bridal jewellery is much more elaborate and blingy and consists of the following: Rani Haar or necklace (or both in many cases) earrings, nath, tikka, passa, panjaay and jhanjra and are intricately designed in a gold plating or rhodium plating and have various finishes ie: crystals, diamantes, faux pearls, beads and many more.

Buying jewellery is an integral part of Indian weddings as it calls for celebrations ranging from two to three days. However, buying Indian Bridal Jewellery can be challenging enough as the accessory has to fall in place with the outfit. We have collections in kundan, gold and polki stones that have been specially designed for the Indian bride. A wedding day is undoubtedly special for every Indian bride and the jewellery that she wears should reflect the grandeur and aura of the celebrations. At Bling For You, we not only offer compendious collections of bridal jewellery in various shapes and sizes but offer discounts on every piece of jewellery.

The popularity of Indian Bridal Jewellery UK has set a new trend and Bling For You has capitalized on the requirements of the clients and offer jewellery to match the taste of the mod women of today. We offer crisp and simple designs with exclusive stonework at prices that are unimaginable. At the same time, we do not compromise on the quality of the stones that are embedded in the necklaces, earrings and finger rings. Our collections are simple but pleasing and attractive for making the bride look special on her wedding day. You can contact us for more assistance when you are keen to buy bridal collection sets.

You will also find the Choora, Khaleray and the groom accessories on our website too.

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